Discover Why GreenTouch Floors is Simply Better

What makes Greentouch Floors different?

GreenTouch Flooring’s laminate flooring are installed using a patnted glue-less locking mechanism.


  1. Colors for every lifestyle
    • Laminate installation kit (including spacers, tapping block and pull bar.

    • Hammer

    • Table or Hand Saw

    • Carbide-Tipped Circular Saw Blades


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  2. Safety Caution

    Be sure to use safety glasses and gloves during the cutting process of these materials. Lamiante may create wood dust in the cutting area. Please be sure to install and cut materials in well ventilated areas.

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  3. General Requirements for all types of Subflooring

    Floorings laminate flooring can be installed over most floors such as Vinyl, Tile, Concrete and Sheet flooring. Check to ensure that all substrate is structurally sound and immobile. Before unstalling flooring, be sure that the subfloor is leveled properly. Irregularities in the subfloor should be smooth using a hydraulic cement base patching and leveling compound. Suspended wood subfloors shuold have a minimum of 18in(45cm) of well ventilated air space above the ground.

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  4. CARB II Compliant Since 2008

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  5. FSC Certified & Floor Score Certified
    • Determine which direction to lay the planks. If installing in a narrow hallway or small room, the area will appear larger if the flooring is laid parallel to the longest wall.

    • Remove all existing moldings on the walls and any staples or nails.

    • If the room has electric baseboard heaters, leave a minimum of 1/2inch(12.5mm) between the surface of the flooring and the bottome of the heaters. This will allow for the heat to circulate.

    • Be sure to check all door clearances, making neccessary adjustments before laying the flooring.

    • Door moldings (jambs) should be undercut to accommodate the thickness of the flooring and foam underlaymnet.

    • Install underlayment per manufacturer’s instructions.

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